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Success and Failure


Success and failure are part of the daily working life of each entrepreneur. Decisions lead to results that may either be positive or wrong. The stronger the effect of a decision is, the more we talk about success or failure. As these are more in the centre of attention than the smaller successes or failures. One example: an inventor normally needs several attempts in order to make his invention function. The moment he is successful is preceded by many failures that nobody is aware of. Conversely, this means that many inventors are unknown because their inventions have not been successful. It is the same in sports: most of the time, we only know the successful top athletes from TV but not all those who did not make it to the top of their type of sport.

In order to be successful in spite of numerous failures you need a big portion of luck, a very good invention, but also ambition, perseverance and discipline. Moreover, the inventor has to be absolutely convinced of his idea. You see: every success has its downsides – potential failures.

Everyone who fails has several possibilities to move on. Either he stays on the floor and he gives in to fate or he stands up and takes a new direction in order to be successful. Those who have already failed, know very well that you can grow by failure. Thus, the right attitude is important and decisive for your next step.

Probably, people fail more often than being successful, but nobody is aware of this fact because no one talks about failures. Those who fail, feel ashamed and maybe they also do not want to admit their own failure. Even though, most mistakes are not that bad and, above all, making mistakes is human. You have to decide by yourself how you want to deal with mistakes. You should not care about the external image. Dare to take new directions in order to be successful. And grow by your failures.