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"Our benchmark is to increase your success and the value of your business. Our relationship is characterized by mutual respect and trust. We support you in partnership on the way to more success."


  • In which direction should my company develop itself?
  • Which existing or new markets increase revenue?
  • Which strategy increases my return?
  • Where should my company stand in 5 years?
  • Which kind of increase in value do I achieve with a change in strategy?
  • How do I formulate clear, quantifiable and measurable targets that correspond to my vision and strategy?
  • How should we position ourselves in order to improve our revenue?
  • Do our products and services follow our brand concept and how could a consistent brand positioning look like?
  • Do cooperations with the right partners lead to an increase in market shares and to more success?


  • How do I increase my return on products by xy%?
  • How do I improve the process flows in the commercial area?
  • Which possibilities do I have to increase the margin by xy%?
  • Which prices can I impose on the market and how can I increase my revenue through “pricing”?
  • How do I increase the margin when accepting a customer order? Does the customer order pay off for me?
  • How do I achieve an increase in transparency considering my revenues and expenditures?
  • Do I plan my costs realistically? Do my actual figures follow my plan? Does my planning currently contribute to my success?


  • How do I achieve an increase in customer satisfaction and how do I increase customer loyalty by it?
  • How do I increase my turnover by xy%?
  • How do I enhance competitiveness and increase market shares?
  • How do I increase the response rate of marketing campaigns?
  • Is my online appearance up to date and does it contribute significantly to my success?
  • Do I improve my turnover and my success by customer loyalty?
  • Is my public appearance (always) CD-compliant and do I address my target groups competently?


  • How do I enhance efficiency by delegating tasks?
  • How do I raise the motivation of my employees?
  • How do I raise the productivity of my employees?
  • How do I improve my time management?
  • How can I manage it to have more leisure time?
  • Do I regularly carry out employee reviews? Do I define realistic targets with the employees and does this contribute to the success of the company?
  • Does a participation by the employees in the company lead to an increase in revenue?
  • Which personal aims do I want to achieve?
  • Does the working atmosphere contribute to employee satisfaction?
  • How do I know how satisfied my employees are?


While working in our family-owned business I had the opportunity to gain 13 years of experience as managing director. During these 13 years I learnt from very early on how to make decisions and how to implement them. After successfully finishing my studies in economics at the University of Mannheim, I deepened my knowledge in our family-owned company in the areas of strategy, costs, leadership and Marketing...

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