"Our benchmark is your added value."

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  • Attractiveness of our Product Range
    The range of products is an essential part of your success. But most of the time, this aspect is ignored. Certainly, you develop new products and you remove old ones, this also depends on the individual product cycles. But you also have to think about how attractive your new range ...
  • Success and Failure
    Success and failure are part of the daily working life of each entrepreneur. Decisions lead to results that may either be positive or wrong. The stronger the effect of a decision is, the more we talk about success or failure. As these are more in the centre of attention than ...

What business partners say about me test

„I have experienced Mr. Braun as very motivated towards his company and his employees. At the moment when trade, in particular, the retail trade, faced serious competition by the internet during the past years, Lutz Braun has always made innovative, important strategic and operative decisions in the interest of the company and its employees. During this time, I favourably watched his infinite courage to change things, his knowledge about corporate governance, marketing, finance and his rich experience. For me, it was particularly impressive to see how he dealt with the subject of modern corporate governance.”

Susanne Weber
Susanne Weber

Akademie Susanne Weber

“Mr. Braun personifies the Swabian virtues: he is cautious, down to earth and modest! He led his family-owned traditional business into the 21st century with a lot of instinctive feel by showing a great amount of far-sightedness and entrepreneurial expertise. I appreciate him as a very smart, structured thinking and far-sighted person and I am very happy that he is now able to make his outstanding qualities as a consultant available to others. I am wishing him all the best!”

Dr. Andreas Sasdi
Dr. Andreas Sasdi

Rechtsanwalt und Aufsichtsrat der flexis AG, der Süddeutsche Aktienbank AG und der Süddeutsche Marketing & Service AG. Für Lutz Braun ist er als Anwalt und Rechtsberater tätig.


„Our benchmark is to increase your success and the value of your company. We support you in a spirit of partnership on the way to the defined direction.“

Lutz Braun


„Determine the direction"
  • Which strategy increases my return?
  • How do I formulate clear, quantifiable and measurable targets that correspond to my vision and strategy?
  • How should we position ourselves in order to improve our revenue?


„Manage your business"
  • Which possibilities do I have to increase the margin by xy%?
  • Which prices can I impose on the market and how can I increase my revenue through “pricing”?
  • Do I plan my costs realistically? Do my actual figures follow my plan? Does my planning currently contribute to my success?


„Make your company visible"
  • How do I increase my turnover by xy%
  • How do I enhance competitiveness and increase market shares?
  • Is my public appearance (always) CD-compliant and do I address my target groups competently?


„Lead and decide now"
  • How do I raise the productivity of my employees?
  • Which personal aims do I want to achieve?
  • How do I know how satisfied my employees are?


While working in our family-owned business I had the opportunity to gain 13 years of experience as managing director. During these 13 years I learnt from very early on how to make decisions and how to implement them. After successfully finishing my studies in economics at the University of Mannheim, I deepened my knowledge in our family-owned company in the areas of strategy, costs, leadership and marketing...